New favorites in my leadership toolbox

Reanna Smith-Hamblin

Reanna Smith-Hamblin (IL '12) vice president/ communications, Better Business Bureau, serving Louisville, Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky

Ignite Louisville 2012 program day at Yum! Brands

From Colonel Sanders’ white suit and secret doors in David Novak’s office to motivating leadership tools and culture, our Ignite Louisville day with Yum! Brands was an invigorating way to start the new year. Banners in bold colors were at every turn within Yum! Headquarters, inviting us in and demonstrating the excitement I’ve heard about from those who work there.

We were introduced to Yum!’s program, “Achieving Breakthrough Results” (ABR), designed with help from John O’Keeffe, a management consultant who wrote Business Beyond the Box. The program filled my leadership toolbox and I will share a few of my favorite tools I plan to use!

One of the most important tools for me was to Schedule Thinking Time. Schedule 30 minutes, two time times per week, to THINK! Some of your best ideas can come from this scheduled thinking time. Do it in an environment you are comfortable in. Think. Is that in your office? With music blaring? With the lights off? Mark your calendar!

Another valuable tool – Mind Mapping! It helps you categorize what could be a very big picture. For example, in an exercise, we had 30 seconds to come up with “things to do in Louisville.” By creating a Mind Map, we came up with a larger list of things to do than we would have without the map.

Jigsaw Achievement could help me with my mission to become President of the BBB when ours retires. In preparing for this position, I have often thought about all of the jobs I will be responsible for when/if I take his position. These are all parts of the jigsaw puzzle that I need to place together as I learn about each piece, one-by-one.

During lunch, we were asked to use the 3 x 3 CHING for Breakthrough Results. We sat with a partner and asked each other three questions (3 times each). The questions were: 1. Tell me something you think I don’t know about you. 2. Tell me something you like about me. 3. Tell me something you think we have in common. It’s a great way to “break the ice” and build relationships. I came into my office today and used it on a few people!

The day with Yum! Brands wrapped up with a tour and we discovered many things. First, did you know Colonel Sanders always wore white suits so he could check out the kitchen without flour from the biscuits showing? And David Novak’s recognition culture comes to life in his office, where plaques and awards plaster the walls – even on the ceiling! And the secret doors, well….if I told you they wouldn’t be secret!

It was truly an honor to spend the day at Yum! and I look forward to putting the lessons into action!

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