Have you ever eaten a slice of humble pie?

Liz Griffin Hack

Liz Griffin Hack (FL '12) sales and marketing specialist, Parallel Products

A definition of humble pie on urbandictionary.com is “to be forced to admit a fault”. I had my slice after going through Focus Louisville in February.

I am a native Louisvillian and so is my mom. I live in the East End and I am a product of Jefferson County Public Schools. Go Rams! I have family who live all over Louisville. I am a museum member and a season ticket holder. I have been volunteering in Louisville since my grandma took me to her church to help separate clothing donations for Louisville’s homeless. I had it all covered. If I had a question, I had my resources to answer it. That’s what I thought, anyway, before Focus Louisville.

I follow Leadership Louisville on Facebook and I get the e-newsletter. From all that wonderful content I got curious. Maybe there was something I could learn after all. Enter humble pie!

The 2 ½ days of touring, conversation and education re-invigorated me. We covered it all; local history, economic development, the arts, education, non-profits. I had no idea the national talent Actors Theatre cultivates in their Apprentice/ Internship program. I didn’t know how many schools are in the JCPS system, 155. UofL is doubling in size; building apartments while renovating hospitals for LEED certified status. I posted questions on Facebook like, “Did you all know that there are 1800 non-profits in Louisville?” Whether it was from speakers or classmates, I learned something new about my community in every session. I was reenergized and motivated to not just be in my community but to be a part of it.

After two days of tours, performances, power point and networking the class met to talk about moving forward from our experiences. Our last agenda action item from Focus Louisville is to reflect and commit to something after graduation. I committed to using my skills to engage with the community through volunteering. I have started volunteering with a group called, Do Something Green. It’s a call to action for the entire community to do something sustainable for our environment. So far it’s been a rewarding experience.

I ate my slice of humble pie and I bet I could share it with other Louisville natives. They’d realize too that it doesn’t taste so bad.

One thought on “Have you ever eaten a slice of humble pie?

  1. Excellent piece…. You captured the feelings of many of us who thought we knew our community until participating in a Leadership program.

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