What does Brand Me, Inc. look like?

Jaime Warren

Jaime Warren (IL '12), diagnostic imaging manager - outpatient centers, Norton Healthcare

Ignite Louisville March 2012 program day

As I turned onto Dixie Highway, I was given my first impression of Brown-Forman with its rich history being very visible from their campus. After being escorted to the conference center and enjoying a fantastic breakfast, our group was ready to go with learning how to create “Brand Me”. I quickly learned that this would be a very hard session as most of the questions were not immediately answered and required much deeper thought.

Kirsten Hawley, vice president, director of organization and leader development, walked our group down the path of starting the process of branding ourselves and what that should mean. We were asked what CEO, Me, Inc would look like. Three concepts were introduced: know your customer; deliver what matters; and keep your brand promise. What should be an easy task, I found to be very difficult.  What should my brand be? What do I bring to the table?

My “take-away” from today’s session was in three words. Ask. Listen. Repeat. Three simple words that when put together have a powerful message. I have wondered which of the three will be the hardest to complete. Ask is the easy part but listening to what the people you serve have to say… even when it’s hard to hear is not so easy. And then start the process all over again.

Over the next few weeks, I have challenged myself to create a “Brand Me” with starting with the three words above.

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