My Focus Louisville experience

Martha Mather

Martha Mather (FL ’12) vice president and chief operating officer, Our Lady of Peace

Focus Louisville – April 2012

I moved to Louisville in March slightly apprehensive from Atlanta. I can honestly say that after just a short six weeks, I am a new ambassador of Louisville. Here’s why:

1) The passion of the people living in this community supersede that of any other city I’ve lived in (Atlanta, Raleigh, Memphis, Ft. Lauderdale, etc.),

2) The surroundings – Louisville is an underrated city…the parks, restaurants, festivals, (I started to wonder if that is a strategy…to keep Louisville a secret), and

3) The social services resources for people in need.

My background is in social services. I’ve worked in community centers, outpatient settings, and psychiatric hospitals in several states. I was particularly touched while touring The Healing Place for Women. A former consumer toured us and shared her story while doing so. Her humility, courage, and acceptance really impacted me. This is an organization who does not ask for a single dime from their consumers, relying completely on the generosity of this community. It is a lovely setting for women recovering from alcohol or drug abuse. I could feel the camaraderie, love, and support penetrating the atmosphere as we walked through each phase of the program.

I left the Focus Louisville program with a to-do list – some easier than others – donate clothing, make a financial contribution, tour the West End School, eat out in NuLu, and tell everyone about my experience! I want my family and colleagues both to experience Louisville the way I have. And there is no greater introduction than Focus Louisville.


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