Keeping the Focus: To Not Act on What Inspires Us, Stifles Us

Robert Gunn, Jr.

Robert Gunn, Jr. (FL ’12) principal intern, Olmsted Academy North

Focus Louisville – April 2012

I will be the first to admit that I have been to wonderful professional development sessions and have been inspired by something that I have seen or heard, only to let my inspiration fall to the wayside because I failed to turn that inspiration into action. Many of us have careers and families that demand the majority, if not all of our time. While I cannot fault anyone for working and spending time with their family, I would like to FOCUS our attention on those who are less fortunate and need some assistance.

During the two and a half days I spent with Focus Louisville, I learned a tremendous amount of facts about the history of Louisville and the things that contribute to our city and community (Thanks Dr. Tom). I learned to appreciate the fact that there is a push to “Keep Louisville Weird.” However, I also learned that there is a need for individuals in our community to step up and assist those in need. Too often, we fall short on acting or volunteering because we either think our individual efforts won’t have a large enough impact or as I previously stated, we just don’t we have the time. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of both.

I visited the Americana Center, which helps many refugees from various countries around the world. We were given a tour of the facilities and heard various stories of heartache, injustice, and barbarism that many people who come to the center have experienced in their lives. When asked what we could do to help, we were given a vast list of things we could either provide or things we could do to assist the families at the center. As an educator, I have many of the students of these families at my school. I have vowed to help educate these students as well as provide time outside of school to assist at the center. Unfortunately, to this point, I have done neither. For me, that changes today, Wednesday May 2, 2012 at 3:00 PM when I will arrive at Americana.

In writing this, I am hoping that speaking about my experience that inspired me as well as many others in my group will resonate with you and get you to think of what inspired you. Next, I would like you to ask yourself what you have done about it. If you are like me and have done nothing thus far, don’t beat yourself up or be ashamed. Instead, get up and do something. Anything is better than nothing and trying to do too much might simply wear you down. Whether it’s money, time, sharing your personal experiences or providing resources, do what you can; but please remember, good intentions without actions will not warrant change and become mere thoughts and words.


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